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‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a phrase used often by those looking to declutter a space quickly. However, out of sight isn’t out of mind forever, and soon these people find themselves rummaging through cupboards and drawers in a stressed out, blind panic for items that slipped their mind because they chose to hide them away, instead of organising correctly.

5 common mistakes that make your home look cluttered:

#1 – Too many pictures

Having too many pictures on your walls can feel overwhelming for some people. If your eyes aren’t able to rest, it doesn’t make for a peaceful space. If your walls are cluttered, try taking down some things & see how you feel with less after a few days. This single tip may be the breath of fresh air your space needed.

#2 – Overfilled bookcases

Having a nicely styled bookcase looks great in any home. However, it’s easy for books to creep up & multiply and before you know it, you have double-stacked shelves with books wedged into every gap possible. Avoid the temptation to double-stack books into that little space above the books. Leave room on shelves to make book access easier. This tip will make creating more aesthetically pleasing book arrangements more possible too.

#3 – Electronics, cords, and cables

With the increased use of smartphones, tablets and other electronics also come the clutter. Utilising a docking station or drawer to store devices will help maintain the tranquillity and keep your most prized possessions from becoming lost or damaged. Keep chargers, and cables organised or hidden. Visible & tangled wires make your home look cluttered.

#4 – Items on the bathroom counters

Makeup and excessive toiletries can quickly make a bathroom seem cluttered. Try to Minimise what you leave out by Storing daily used items and build a habit of putting them away as soon as you’re done.

#5 – Things without a home

Items that look out of place and float around your home can cause your home to look cluttered, nobody likes losing things, so make sure that everything has a place to be put away.

Top Products for Storage and Organisation

Below, I have listed 15 insanely clever product ideas from Amazon that’ll help make the adventure of decluttering & organising your home a little more bearable.

Top 5 Clever Bedroom Ideas:

#1 – Lazy stacking board; easily make clothes neat like a book. Simple & easy to use, fold shirts, T-shirts, pants/ Trousers and even Jumpers/ sweaters! With this board all kinds of garments can be evenly folded in just 3 seconds!

#2 – Wardrobe space saver an excellent wardrobe organiser that effectively maximises the space of your closet.

#3 – Laundry Organiser; Organising your clothes just got simpler – and infinitely tidier with these ingenious organisers. Simply flip through your beautifully folded tops without pulling apart all your hard work.

#4 – Drawer Organiser ideal for organising lingerie, underwear, underpants, bra, socks, scarf, ties. Make it easy to find which one you want to wear without ransacking all of your clothes.

#5 – Reading Nook Storage; These versatile bookcases are perfect for any room and any purpose, shoe storage, toy storage, bookshelf or window seat. 

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space. However, having lots of items on your nightstand or dresser can soon make your room look cluttered. Try leaving fewer things on your bedside table and see how it feels. You may feel happier in your bedroom with less stuff sitting out.

Top 5 Products and Ideas for the Living room:

#1 – Cable Management Boxes; A perfect solution for that over-cluttered extension cord & messy cables. Take control of the chaos as well as protect pets and children from directly touching live power strips and plugs.

#2 – DVD Storage Containers; Streamline dusting your lounge by putting all those individual, misaligned and busy cases into one, easy to manage container; Also suitable for Xbox & Playstation Games, Controllers and even cleaning products!

#3 – Remote Control Organiser Box; Ideal for keeping all your favourite remotes close at hand and easily identifiable. Save time and stress with this space saving storage solution.

#4 – The tree bookshelf; keep clutter out of your space with this Uniquely designed bookshelf can be well integrated into the style of any home and office. It is not only a place to store books, but also an ornament that can make your home unique.

#5 – Mirrors; One Great way to maximise the size of any room is to use mirrors; this will make a room feel less cluttered and create an illusion of space.

Mirror Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Create play zones It can be hard to contain the kid mess at times. But designating a home for their toys by sectioning it off from the rest of the living room can make the thrice a day tidy a lot easier.

5 Top Kitchen storage solutions:

#1 – Cereal boxes brought straight from the store and left on counter-tops can soon use up precious space, making your kitchen look messy & disorganised. Purchasing airtight storage containers or cereal dispensers will soon sort this problem & keep your cereals fresher for longer.

#2 – Fridge Organisers and Storage Containers; Make your fridge the ultimate place for functionality by organising all those different ingredients, cans, pots & other chilled items with these deep organisers that allow you to place an array of things inside.

#3 – Pan lids can often be awkward items to store but not with these simple solutions. Holders can be mounted inside cupboard doors, in deep drawers or on walls and neatly hold pan lids for easy access.

#4 – Get organised with this Tatay Baobab Organiser Set – with their attractive anthracite design, these robust storage boxes are ideal for keeping kitchen drawers, dressing tables, desks and worktops neat, tidy and organised.

#5 – A pot rack organiser is the perfect Kitchen Assistant for Keeping Pots & Pans Organised.

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Purge your cabinets! Check dates and put things where you use them. Get rid of boxes by storing dry goods in air-tight containers.

Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully the above tips, product & ideas have inspired you to want to begin your sorting and organising journey, feel free to leave a comment below with your tips or if you feel there’s anything I’ve missed 🙂

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